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UBS Second Quarter Profit Shrivels as Trading Revenue Drops – CNBC

UBS said on Tuesday net profit shrank to 425 million Swiss francs ($433 million) from 1.0 billion francs on sharply lower trading revenue and a drop in commissions and fees from clients. As in the first quarter, UBS highlighted that the euro zone debt …

Eight Tips on Starting a Business – Huffington Post

For young people frustrated by the job market, entrepreneurship remains a tempting opportunity to fashion a career on their own terms. However, for novice entrepreneurs, just starting the business may be the most difficult part. We’ve talked …

Business startup tips: How to understand what the market wants –

If you’re thinking about starting a business, most likely you have dreamed of one that revolves around your interests. But what does the market need or want? Are you noticing trends in what people are buying, or how and where they are buying …

Entrepreneur (Business Startup) Information Session – Patch

Every business startup should attend!  This workshop is packed with useful information! Learn about how to write a business plan, legal structures, licensing, registration, taxes, sales tax, home office, independent contractors vs. employees, deductible …

Startup funds scarce, but early-stage funds rising – Press Herald

NEW YORK – Funding for startups fell 12 percent in the April-June period as venture capitalists poured less money into fewer deals than a year earlier. But the number of companies getting funded in the earliest stages of development reached the …